Executive Committee

Currently, the work of the Society is undertaken principally by a committee of volunteers elected from the membership and meeting regularly throughout the year. Four 'offices' - Chair, Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer - are also elected form those serving on the committee. Other posts are appointed from amongst committee members.

As from 11th June 2020 the committee comprises -


Lesley Hodsdon

Vice Chair
Richard Butt

Honorary Secretary
Jonathan Chandler

Honorary Treasurer
Philip Craig


  • Tim Barnes
  • Richard Butt
  • Jonathan Chandler - Honorary Secretary
  • Philip Craig - Honorary Treasurer & Blackheath Joint Working Party liaison
  • John Evans
  • Neil Garratt
  • Jackie Hicks
  • Lesley Hodsdon - Chair
  • Stephen Howlett
  • Sheila Keeble
  • Helen McIntosh
  • Franklin Steves
  • Pieter van der Merwe
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy