Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16

The Greenwich society has written to Matthew Pennycook MP about the Society's concerns.

PDF icon Housing and Planning Bill - London Forum Briefing

The text of the email reads -


Dear Matt,

"You alerted us to your concerns about housing and are are no doubt aware of the Housing and Planning Bill which has its second reading this Monday (2 Nov). The impact in Greenwich is not easy to assess, but the London Forum has drawn our attention to the extended right to replace offices and light industrial buildings with residential developments, without the need for planning permission, hence apparently with no control over design or scale. This will mean fewer jobs in the area, and a less balanced community. The developers will have no obligation to provide affordable housing or a CIL contribution, distorting the market even further in favour of commuter flats and “investment” housing, adding to the load on transport and social infrastructure, all in order to achieve a small addition to housing stock while avoiding any immediate cost to the government.

I am sure you are fully aware of these arguments, and will be opposing the Bill, but we thought it worth registering the Society’s concerns. Please treat this as an informal note, with no need for a reply.

Best wishes"


Alan Bailey